Monday, June 14, 2010

Ryder has arrived!!!!!

Ryder Richard Heil has arrived right on schedule. He was born on June 11th at 11:31 a.m. He weighed in at a staggering 8 pounds. You see Rubes was 6 12 and she was 8 days late. So I was under the misconception that Ryder would be about 6-7 pounds considering he was born at 39 weeks. I was so shocked. It's really weird when you have a c section, i always call it the worst seat in the house. You are there all numb but aware and you need to find out all the play by play from your husband, the doctors and nurses. When they took him out, they said what a big baby and i am just laying there listening for a clue as to how big he actually is. It really is weird. The staff at St. Peter's Hospital was awesome as usual. They are such a great hospital to have a baby in. After Ryder was born, i had to wait in recovery for 3 hours until i could feel well enough to go see my baby. I got a few glimpses of him and got to touch him in the delivery room but i just could not wait to hold him. So then i finally got to go to our room and really see Ryder. He is so cute and sweet. He looks so much like Ruby when she was born. Ruby has changed a great deal, but she came out with black hair and similar expressions. It really is funny. I am one of those people who think that babies look like babies when they come out not really like family members or anything but he really does look like Rubes when she was born.
I was so excited for Ruby to meet Ryder, but she was much more excited to have a slumber party with Madison and Aunt Kathy. It's so funny, i was reading about transitioning kids to the new sibling and she was so not even interested. We try so hard as parents and kids still manage to rule the situation. But Ruby is very happy to be a big sister and she really likes him and thinks he's so cute. Ryder is a funny guy already he turns bright red from head to toe when he is upset. Then when you pick him up or calm him he changes back and he likes to look at things like he is really thinking about it, i always wonder what they are thinking!! He may have earned himself a nickname.......Red Ryder!!!
I managed to go home on Sunday, i probably should have stayed one more day, i am still very sore and not feeling very great. But i wanted to go home to my Rubes!!!
I could go on and on!!
Please continue to pray for my family friend.


  1. Welcome Ryder, what a cutie! That's so exciting--congratulations to all!!! It's been over 20 years since my last baby but it's an amazing experience. I love your baby T's--who knows someday soon I'll be a grandma and will be shopping for one. I love all the pictures, and I'm sure big sister, Ruby, will help take care of her little brother.

  2. Forgot to tell you Ryder shares my birthday--he's definitely a cool kid (haha)!