Thursday, May 13, 2010

Welcome to my blog. This is my first shot so i hope it goes over well. My etsy shop is up and running. I have cute things for kids and i hope you will look at it.

Random things Ruby said: Why do we need a mouth to talk? It is always so funny to try to explain the why's in life to a 2 year old!! She is too funny. I hope she is still so inquisitive when she gets bigger. It's amazing how kids become jaded and we are not born that way. Kids truly look at the world with wide eyes that find everything awesome. They don't know what is "bad", "gross", "yucky", "mean" or any other of the negative things we see immediately when we look at things. I see a mud as something i don't want to touch, i don't want it to get on me, and i know it will make me dirty. Rubes sees it as squishy, fun and something cool to touch.

Just makes you wonder when the moment was when things lost their luster.

Looking at things through her eyes takes you back and we must cherish it as long as we can because it goes so quickly............

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  1. Hi Kimy:
    You made me stop and think. It is so true, when did we stop finding every thing awesome? I remember when my kids were little and we enjoyed simple things like blowing bubbles, going outside at night and looking at the stars, jumping in a puddle on a hot summer day after a rain storm, (now we would be so worried that we would ruin our shoes, what kind of chemicals are in the water Thank you for making me stop and think about the simple, fun things that we did.